AtmosAir is proven to neutralize coronavirus by 99.92%.

In two recent top studies performed at Microchem Laboratory, it was found that AtmosAir is the most effective system for cleaning and decontaminating indoor air and surfaces:

AtmosAir™ Test and Certificates

AtmosAir™ Outperforms Other Technologies in the Market Today


Reduced Viruses
and bacteria

Because bi-polar ions negatively
affect the DNA of bacteria and
viruses, your space's inhabitants
are protected from illnesses and

Dust and Molds Particles

Reduced Dust
and Mold Particles

Bi-polar ions that bond with
contaminants gain size and mass
and drop to the floor, or return
to the filter, making them easily
filtered from the air we breathe.


Reduced Odors

Bi-polar ions break down odors
at their source and eliminate
them – no masking or diluting.

toxic gases

Reduced volatile
Organic Compounds

Bi-polar ions break down toxic
gases and compounds from
dangerous chemicals such as
cleaning products, pesticides,
paints, solvents, molds,
mildew, and many more.


Improved Energy

AtmosAir guarantees you will
reduce your energy bills because
you will spend less on heating
and cooling outdor air. with
this technology, you will recycle
conditioned, purified air insted.

Dust and Molds Particles

Reduced Static

Bi-polar ionization naturally
neutralizes tha air, eliminating
static charges.


A safe, Natural and
Friendly Process

The patented bi-polar ionization
technology uses no chemicals,
heavy metals, or mercury, and
produces no harmful by-products
such as ozone or ultraviolet light.

toxic gases


There are no filters to change
or collector cells to clean. The
AtmosAir ion tubes just need
to be replaced every two years

AtmosAir™ attacks bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces using naturally occurring chemical reactions, damaging the molecular structure of the pathogens and effectively neutralizing them.

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effective against coronaviruses

Made in the USA exclusively for ProMedUSA effective Pte Ltd

AtmosAir™ is USA's leading all-natural
air purification solution. The system produces
no harmful ozone or other toxic by-products.
It utilizes bi-polar ionization technology which
has been shown to significantly reduce air-borne
bacteria and viruses.

Proven Effective in Over

Installations Globally

ProMedUSA + AtmosAir™ Sports Team, Coliseum,
Gymnasium, Arena, Movie Theatre Clients

ProMedUSA + AtmosAir™ Educational,
School & University Clients

ProMedUSA + AtmosAir™ Hospitality, Hotel,
Cruise, Restaurant Partners

ProMedUSA + AtmosAir™ Casino's and Gaming Clients

ProMedUSA + AtmosAir™ International, residential,
Office Building, Factory Clients

ProMedUSA + AtmosAir™ Airport Clients

AtmosAir Customizes
Solutions for a Wide
Range of Commercial

AtmosAir is installed in a highly diverse portfolio
Composed of projects covering the entire
construction spectrum.

We bring a niche expertise to a wide range of
work,from traditional to newly emerging


Experience AtmosAir™ Global Solution for Healthy Air



Bi-Polar Ionization

Other products only clean the air that goes through them.
AtmosAir cleans the air in the space where you breathe.

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