Frequently Asked Questions

AtmosAir is ready to answer your questions
about Indoor Air Quality. Learn more about
AtmosAir technology, and discover why improving
the air you breathe can Improve your long-term health.
Why is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) important?

What is Bi-Polar Ionization (BPI)?

What are air ions?

Why is AtmosAir technology better than other air purifiers on the market?

How is AtmosAir different than UV lights?

Does humidity affect AtmosAir Bi-polar Ionization?

Does AtmosAir have a device that measures ion levels?

Does the ionization system increase the oxygen content in the air?

How do I know that my AtmosAir system is working properly?

How often should I change the AtmosAir ionization tubes?

Is it dangerous to look at the ionization tube while it is operating?

Is touching the ionization tube dangerous?

Should the ionization tubes be cleared periodically?

What maximum temperature is safer for the ionization tube?

Will I still need to change the filters in my heating and air conditioning system?

Does AtmosAir have information that will help determine the tube size for my project?

Can an AtmosAir system harm my pets?

Will my unit work properly with my windows open?

What is the warranty of my system?

What is sick building syndrome?

Is AtmosAir effective in 100% outside air units?

How many people have allergies?

What well-known brands utilize AtmosAir for their air purification?

What market is AtmosAir effective in?

Does Clean Air Group and AtmosAir provide air testing?

Can Indoor Air Quality be monitored in real-time?

My room smells of smoke. Will AtmosAir help?

My room has mold. Will AtmosAir help? Does the AtmosAir technology kill mold?

Should I place a unit in my basement, or will my unit upstairs cover my basement too?

For a multiple floor home, is it better to get a unit for each floor? And if so, why is it

Why does the P2000 unit use a filter when your other units do not require them?

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