How AtmosAir Bi- Polar Ionization Air Purification Works

You can enhance the air you breathe to healthy levels while improving energy efficiency with AtmosAir.

Our patented ionization tubes clean the air in the space you breathe, without using unsafe chemicals or creating any unwanted byproducts.

When you choose AtmosAir, you'll harness the power of the Earth's natural Air cleaners no matter how close you are to the ocean, awaterfall or a lightning storm

AtmosAir Bi-Polar Ionization

Airflow passes over our patented AtmosAir Bi-Polar Ionization tube. The tube energizes the air to form bi-polar — positive and negative — air ions.

The airflow distributes the energized ions into all of the spaces served by the HVAC system in an in-duct installation, or into the applicable space if a standalone unit is used. It’s that simple and elegant! The beauty of the AtmosAir system is just how easily it integrates into existing commercial and residential HVAC systems.

Unlike most air purification systems, AtmosAir seeks out and neutralizes the contaminants at their source. This is vastly superior to most air purification methods because it works “in the space” where we work and play. AtmosAir doesn’t wait for the pollutants to find their way into the filter within the air handler. Instead, air ions go to the contaminants in the space where you breathe, just as in nature.

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