AtmosAir Air Purification Systems Restore Visibly Cleaner Air to Your Indoor Environment

Air ions naturally filter pollutants from the air we breathe. In naturally pristine environments, such as high mountain peaks, air ion levels tend to be much higher than in areas that are more highly populated and industrialized, such as urban areas.

These ions exhaust themselves cleaning pollutant-rich air. In indoor environments the problem becomes magnified, because gains in energy efficiency result in losses in natural ventilation – and that boosts pollutant levels in the air we breathe. We then introduce to air, which was less than perfect to begin with, all the contaminants and pollutants created by people's activities and the materials used to build our homes and buildings – plus toxins from cleaning products, pesticides and other compounds we use to maintain our homes and buildings.

This is why natural ion levels are practically nonexistent in indoor environments; they have been stripped from the atmosphere by the pollutants we have created. AtmosAir technology restores the air in the space you breathe to mountain-pure ion levels while retaining energy efficient benefits.

AtmosAir's goal is to restore the air inside your building or
home to the quality found at mountain elevations, where
high ion levels occur naturally.

AtmosAir Technology

The AtmosAir system uses our Bi-Polar Ionization technology to restore air ion levels back where nature intended.

You'll breathe the crisp, fresh air naturally found at high mountain elevations because AtmosAir systems harness the Earth's most powerful, naturally occurring air cleaners. When you install an AtmosAir system in your commercial, industrial or residential structure, it's as if you've created your very own waterfall, lightning storm or ocean surf – right in the comfort of your own space.

How AtmosAir Mimics Nature

AtmosAir technology puts the power of nature's best chemistry to work for you.

Air ions contain oxygen, and oxygen atoms have several layers of electrons. Electrons are subatomic particles that hold a negative electrical charge. Oxygen atoms attract pollutants that hold the opposite charge. Near waterfalls, ocean surf and in lightning storms, this reaction naturally cleans the air of pollutants. Without an air purification system, pollutants build to toxic levels - and that threatens the health and safety of whoever breathes the air.

With AtmosAir, our cold plasma discharge technology uses bi- polar ionization tubes that mimic this natural cleansing action, while emitting no heat, light or other unwanted byproducts. Rigorously tested and independently verified, AtmosAir technology improves the air you breathe to the crisp, pure quality you deserve.

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